Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Dateline: Pacific Palisades, Calif., Wed., April 15, 2009 at 8:45 a.m.

You know something is wrong when there is a chain across the entrance to the Community pool in the Presbyterian Conference Grounds where Palisades YMCA swimmers and Pali High Swimmers have been swimming since the 1960's. This chaining and closure of this beloved pool is courtesy of our friends at the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy which apparently does not value the interests of the community this pool has served for over forty plus years.

And you have to also wonder... "Why the RED tape saying DANGER DO NOT ENTER DANGER DO NOT ENTER DANGER DO NOT ENTER DANGER DO NOT ENTER DANGER on the gate leading to our beloved pool. Trust me, no one is going to drown on the lawn without a lifeguard on duty...

Oh I get it. Now this is SCARY and DANGEROUS ! A well sod lawn ready for croquet and picnicking... just the thing our community needs to nurture the lives of children, to train young people to swim.... after all, there is the PACIFIC OCEAN nearby.

Let's all acknowledge and show appreciation where it is due.... Who else but the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy could put the interests of a few narrow minded individuals, who do not live in our community, ahead of those of our children, teens and adults seeking recreation, respite and sport in this beloved pool of ours.

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The opinions expressed in this op-ed are those of the undersigned who has lived in this community since grade school and before its closure by the SMMC, first swam in this pool as early as 1962 as a child with a summer day camp and later with the Palisades YMCA and Palisades High School. The closure of this pool is an absolute travesty for the community of Pacific Palisades. There is no telling the long term effects in the loss of lives as the result of the lack of an available pool for fitness, recreation, therapy and for the training of lifeguards, not to mention basic swimming skills for the children of this community and the at-risk children also historically served here as well through charitable organizations such as the YMCA, Churches, and individuals.

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