Monday, January 26, 2009

"Hey Joe, Where you goin' with that Lawnmower..."

"Behind Barbed Wire"

Dateline: Sunday, January 25, 2009

The readership will recall our recent blog post on our affiliate blog, County Recurrent, on the tragic Pali Y Pool being filled with dirt thanks for Joe Edmiston and his Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (SMMC) cronies.

Well, here we have proof positive that the SMMC, in my opinion, could care less about our community's proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the legacy of aquatics in the Palisades.

The following photo was taken this morning just before noon and it is "Not For The Faint Of Heart" or anyone who ever swam in our once beloved pool.

What Joe and his cronies do not realize is that there are "Storm Clouds Ahead" for them.

This act of defiance and betrayal to the community will not stand. The continuance of the pool serving our community does not in any way, shape or form restrict the public's use of Temescal Canyon Park, its picnic area and hiking trails.

Note to SMMC: That is the Pacific Ocean just a mile below where our pool used to be, in case you had not noticed. Where do you think a significant number of the beach lifeguards who save lives at our local beaches learned to swim ? If you care ! This is a facility that has historically served the community as well as providing swimming opportunities for low income families through the charitable out-reach efforts of the YMCA and other organizations. Is this not as important as providing a place to hike for the public? Apparently not !

How do we really feel ?! The SMMC has destroyed a community landmark and a pool that has served the community for over 40 years ! The mission of the SMMC certainly should include a facility that is *** life enhancing, life saving *** and which supports the community. The very same community which absorbs the increasingly heavy vehicle and foot traffic to and from the park. Think about that, Joe, as you mow the lawn on our pool facility !

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They can bury our pool but they can't bury our spirit.

Go Dolphins !

Until next time,

*** Will Maguire

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*** Will Maguire graduated from Pali High in 1973 and was Captain of both the Boy's Varsity Water Polo and Swimming Teams in his senior year.

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  1. My mom loved the pool and took areobic swimming with the YWCA there until it was closed. It was a wonderful group of women. Our family lived in PP since 1941 and my sister Catherine Kane graduated from Pali in the middle 60's. Louise Kane Wolf